You alone are the Lord.
You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars.
You made the earth and the seas and everything in them.
You preserve them all, and the angels of heaven worship you. ~Nehemiah 9:6

Friday, April 21, 2017

Welcome Back

Wow, I just realized another week has gone by and it is time to link again. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. Hard to believe it has already come and gone. Life is speeding by so quickly. I hate to sound pessimistic but it seems like the world is getting a little worse each day. I don't think there is any doubt that these are at least the beginning of the end times. I know it will get much worse but thank God, all of these troubles are temporary.

Now is the time to share again. Thank you to all who participate in any way.
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  1. Glad to meet with you here today, Charlotte! I'll be back later to see who else comes to the party!

  2. Have a blessed weekend Charlotte - thanks for hosting! :-)

  3. Charlotte - thanks for hosting and yes, I had a very good Easter. The most relaxing one so far since we have stepped into be senior pastors. God gave us an amazing team who helped pick up much of the slack and we ministered to the ones God brought to our services. Blessings to you


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