You alone are the Lord.
You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars.
You made the earth and the seas and everything in them.
You preserve them all, and the angels of heaven worship you. ~Nehemiah 9:6

Friday, October 25, 2013

Praise Update On Design Gives Back

Some of you may have seen this comment last week by Kelee Katillac of Design Gives Back.
Wonderful Charlotte,
Here you are ever-faithful.... I missed you all! I wanted you all to know and celebrate God's goodness for Colette -- 4 years later! Since it is Breast Cancer month it is precious to hear and seeing healing.
Enormous hug to all of you at Spiritual Sunday,
Kelee Katillac 
Those who are new to this blog will probably not have a clue what it is about so I will fill you in.

Kelee Katillac has a wonderful ministry of bringing health and healing by cheering cancer victims. She does complete miracle makeovers of their rooms. If you click here you will find out all about the great things she has done and is doing. So happy to hear that Colette is doing so well.

Two or three years ago Spiritual Sundays along with a few other blogs cooperated in campaigns to raise money for future miracle makeovers. It didn't cost anyone a penny. All that was required was to make a comment. For each comment Design Gives Back donated a dollar. We had a record 176 comments on that post and much good was accomplished as a result. I'm grateful to Kelee for letting us be a part of those campaigns and was delighted to get an update on what has been done since then. Be sure to go visit the Design Gives Back website to find out more about it.

Next week I will relate to you what I hinted at a couple of weeks ago of how a blogger in Belgium influenced the starting of this blog.

Let the linking begin for another encouraging inspirational weekend.


  1. Good morning Charlotte and all dear SS readers, hope your weekend is blessed and God pours out His storehouses of love on each of you. Happy SS!

  2. Thank you Charlotte for your heart! Will head over to her site right now!

  3. I love a good God story. This was a gem. Thanks for sharing it. What a beautiful ministry of healing and hope! :)

  4. I well remember the fun and sweet joy of that miracle makeover. Thanks for sharing with us "the rest of the story!" :) Have a blessed and fun week.

  5. So happy to be here and read many wonderful testimonies. GOD bless you more sister and each and everyone here!

  6. Charlotte, I had never heard of this site before. What a beautiful ministry to provide to women. The makeovers are just precious - filled with beauty and sweetness and peace & hope! Thank you for sharing this today.

  7. The world is blessed to have Kelee facilitate these wonderful ways for us to join our spirits for good.

    Thank you, dear Charlotte.♥

  8. Praise God for Kelee & her ministry! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  9. We were at a wedding yesterday and all the different Scripture the minister pointed out still has my head swirling! He was a true man of God and we wish we had recorded his words.
    Kelee is one amazing lady. I love her giving up so much to so many. She is one inspiring lady.
    Happy week Charlotte! Hugs Anne

  10. God is good and HE is still on the Throne! Thank you for hosting.

  11. I wish there was a"like" button for all these comments. I would definitely click "LIKE" for everyone of them. Thank you for your comments.


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