You alone are the Lord.
You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars.
You made the earth and the seas and everything in them.
You preserve them all, and the angels of heaven worship you. ~Nehemiah 9:6

Friday, May 3, 2013


Good news. My niece, Nancy, is still in ICU but is doing much better. She is now breathing without the machine and her pneumonia is getting better. Thank you so much everyone who prayed for her.

Our followers continues to grow. I'm glad more and more people are discovering this blog and being blessed by the many wonderful posts that are shared by so many. Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing each week.

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  1. Charlotte, I was so glad to read that Nancy is doing better. What an ordeal she has been through. I pray that the Lord will continue to make her stronger each day.

    Thank you for your faithful hosting of this site. I know it's a blessing to many - and me, for sure!


  2. Thank you for the update about Nancy, Charlotte. I am so glad she has improved.

    And, thank you once again for Spiritual Sundays.♥

  3. I completely forgot until late Sunday night that I didn't link up - doh - anyway, better late than never.

    God bless.


  4. I am happy your niece is better - - and she will continue to improve !! Thanks for hosting again!


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