You alone are the Lord.
You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars.
You made the earth and the seas and everything in them.
You preserve them all, and the angels of heaven worship you. ~Nehemiah 9:6

Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to Spiritual Sunday

Hello Everyone, I'm so excited that another week of Spiritual Sunday is  here. I hope that everyone had a good week. There are so many new people stopping by, we are all excited that your participating here with us. If anybody ever needs to know about our guide lines you can click on the link above and in that post it should answer any question you may have. Last week we had an unusual post and I just wanted everyone to know that we got an email with her apologizing. She posted the wrong link and felt bad for making that mistake.

  1. MTJ: Moses
  2. Looking Up God / Sherry
  3. Joan - Trials
  4. Lights! Camera! Action!Even Solomon wasnt dressed like one of these!
  5. Living with "Its NOT fair"
  6. A Miracle / Myrna @ My Enchanted Home
  7. A Grateful Heart
  8. Dunlizzies Corner
  9. What? Give up MY RIGHTS?!!!
  10. Walking With God / Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?
  11. Renee ~ My Autumn Years
  12. Shepherdresource. com - Joys Post
  13. Words to Live By
  14. Lets Go For A Walk ~ Chester Ward
  15. Ginger @ Enchanting Cottage
  16. train up a child. . .
  17. Finding hope in the difficult times.
  18. Terry @ SafeInTheShadow
  19. Heavens Grocery Store
  20. I want to say Thank You
  21. anita johnson
  22. Melodies and Hymnsongs
  23. Loren @ The MagoosNews
  24. Jewelry4Change
  25. Lucka, Lomnice, CZ
  26. Whats in a name?
  27. BrendaTN--A Tender Heart
  28. Debbie @ The Way We Are. . .
  29. Saleslady371
  30. Relentlessly Pursuing who God made you to be.
  31. psalm 107 prayersong~
  33. Sarah
  34. Clif, Musings of a Minister
  35. Charlotte ~ At Home in Arizona
  36. Faith, Family and Friends!
  37. A Discovery in an Old Bible
  38. Lisa
  1. From The Heart
  2. Lisa notes. . .
  3. Shepherdresource. com - Stacees post
  4. Crystal Mary-Live in the now!!
  5. From Beginning to End
  6. Annette
  7. Waiting for God to show up --
  8. The LORD Will Provide
  9. What is true rest? Janis @ Open My Ears
  10. Hidden Ministries
  11. GAYLE
  12. Shelter--Just Like Jesus
  13. Jeanne, backyard neighbor
  14. Ash Wednesday - Mya
  15. Cindy Adkins
  16. Living for God
  17. How Do You Fit In?
  18. Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound
  19. Jan, Australia
  20. "Come. . "
  21. Janet @ Home Is Where God Sends You
  22. Donnie
  23. Lazy on Loblolly
  25. LOVE IS. . . .
  26. Betty
  27. Perfect in Weakness {Peach}
  28. Sharon @ Bible Pick Ems
  29. Kaye Swain - SandwichINK
  30. This Is a Song that Really Speaks to Me
  31. 100th Lamb
  32. stepping into our truest identity. .
  33. Mike Golch
  34. mollys country memories
  35. This Weeks Memory Verse
  36. Weekly Bible Study Update
  37. Deb @ Jeremiah 29: 11
  38. Sharon Sharing God

  39. This linky list is now closed.


  1. Ginger:

    I look forward to Spiritual Sundays each week and sharing with one another.

    A big thanks to you and Charlotte for hosting us.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for a wonderful web site!


  3. Dear Charlotte and Ginger,
    God bless you for hosting this every week. It is a blessing to connect to other Christian bloggers :)

  4. Always enjoy Spiritual Sundays and find nourishment every time I come..

  5. you guys are so awesome. Thanks for always being here...and this awesome site.

  6. I just found your blog and am so excited. I'm your newest follower and I've even linked to Spiritual Sunday. Thank you for hosting this. Can't wait to read all the other blogs that have linked to it as well!

  7. Soooo happy to be here Sweeties.. Have a blessed in HIM week...

    May you wake each day with God's blessing,and grace.
    Sleep each night with His keeping,
    safe in His loving arms.
    And~~~ May you always walk in His tender care and mercy.
    Prayers and Hugs~~~Dena

  8. Thank you Charlotte and Ginger for being faithful to this meme. I can't always participate but this is always a blessing to so many.

  9. It is still dark here, and it is very quiet in our home. This is one of my favorite times of the day, and I look forward to sharing it here each Sunday morning.

    God's blessings to all.

  10. Spiritual Sunday has been -- and is -- a blessing to me. You are providing space for such an importand ministry. May God bless you abundantly!

  11. Good morning every one, Prayers for a blessing today, and a wonderful week ahead.
    Prayers for me and sweet husband to find a place of worship,so as not to forsake the gathering.

  12. I'm always so inspired to visit Spiritual Sundays. God is so faithful to use all of us to address a need or to confirm our faith, or just to bless us. There is a sight I believe everyone will be inspired to visit and I encourage you to check out her sight. She just started it up and would appreciate a visit. God bless. Visit:

  13. Charlotte and Ginger, are you two masquerading as angels? You do such a wonderful job putting this up each week. The encouragement and spiritual fruits I personally receive from it make my days go smoothly. Love to both of you! Anne

  14. Thanks ladies. I’m always looking for great Christian blogs... So glad God pointed me here. JACKPOT! God bless you, your families and your ministries. :o)

  15. Thank you, Ginger, for your kind comment on my blog. I appreciate the encouragement you give to believers and those who write to inspire and support others. You are a blessing!

  16. Great site!

    Thanks for all the wonderful links.

    I envy you (where you live).


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