You alone are the Lord.
You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars.
You made the earth and the seas and everything in them.
You preserve them all, and the angels of heaven worship you. ~Nehemiah 9:6

Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome Friends

I'ts working again, thank-you Mr. Linky.

Good Morning,
I'm so sorry that we have been having so many problems with our links. I'm emailing Mr. Linky so I hope this will be fixed soon.

Here it is again my favorite time of week. Since I only blog once a week now for Spiritual Sundays I enjoy visiting everybody so much. I enjoying reading all of the inspiring post and looking at all the beautiful blogs!Thank-you everyone for being a part of this blog.

Kelee Katillac of The Katillac Shack is hosting a “Miracle Party” August 27-29. She has invited Spiritual Sundays to be a part of this exciting event and Spiritual Sunday has agreed to join her in celebrating the occasion. Colette Gauthier was suffering from cancer. She had moved into a tiny and dismal rental home and was almost out of hope. That’s when Kelee stepped in with her crew and did a makeover for Colette to create a “healing room”. The story is featured in the September issue of Guideposts Magazine.
There will be a video available for viewing next weekend and the Miracle Party will feature three great giveaways. Please click HERE to learn more about it.
The link for Guidepost Magazine is
This sounds like it will be a wonderful and exciting event, I can't wait to read all of these blogs. We hope that you will join in.

Spiritual Sundays Participants
1. Charlotte
2. Bobbi @Daily Grace
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15. Linda@bytheway
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  1. This is my favorite time of the week. Thank you Charlotte and Ginger for providing a place for us to worship together and give praise to our Lord.

  2. Thank-you you two wonderful beings--Charlotte and Ginger-- for making this event a part of Colette"s Miracle Party. Who better to share inspirational ideas for the event than the Spiritual Sunday bloggers? I thank God for all of the love,light, and positivity you all bring to the internet!

    Looking forward to sharing the miracles!

  3. Dear Ginger and Charlotte, Thank you for continuing to let us post early. I love reading each and every post, which usually takes me all weekend to complete. Sometimes I work on the weekends, so posting on Friday is my best option. God bless!

  4. Charlotte and Ginger, I give you both a big thumbs up.The magic of Spiritual Sundays touches my heart and is an inspiration. I pray it reaches many. Your light is shining sisters. Our Lord is doing a mighty work through both of you.
    Love & Blessings!

  5. I am looking forward to the miracle party. What a blessing!

  6. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that God lit my path to finding Spiritual Sundays! Everyone's posts inspire, touch, and even amuse me. I LOVE spending time looking thru each of them - altho' admittedly, it usually takes me the whole week. I pray that those things I say will do the same for others!

    Thank you for making this a channel in which God allows everyone to know even further of His love & His grace & His blessings in people's lives! It's so wonderful to share that with everyone!

    Blessings in Christ's precious love ~ Merana

  7. Hi Y'all, I've started doing Spiritual Sunday at my real estate info blog as well as my regular site, SandwichINK. Very fun and encouraging, so I doubly appreciate you :) Have a blest week! :)

  8. Thank you for hosting Spiritual Sundays, such an inspiration each week!

  9. Finding Spiritual Sundays has blessed me beyond description and this past week it anointed me with strength I needed. God is blessing this blog and reaching out to others in ways you don't even know about. Isn't that wonderful! Thank you for opening your heart to this....God bless..

  10. I really enjoy your Spiritual Sunday posts and reading everyone elses, too. It gives me a nice refreshing start to the upcoming week!!! Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. Thank you ladies for hosting Spiritual Sundays. What a joy to share with so many.

  12. My mother always subscribed to Guideposts was a wonderful gift to receive in the mail with all of the testimonies of God's touch. I just picked up a book from Guideposts at a Lawn Sale just this morning, The Guideposts Handbook of Prayer and it's packed full of prayer from famous Writers and more from the most famous of all...God's Word ♥

    My link leads to one of my photos with a beautiful prayer written by Thomas Aquinas (found in this book).

    Happy Sunday All ♥

  13. it's been awhile since I posted. trying to spend more time in the real world. =]

  14. Dear Ginger and Charlotte,
    Wishing you a blessing-filled spiritual Sunday. Bless you and the wonderful work you do.

  15. I will mark my calender!!
    This week I am featuring Bible Numberology... something some don't know much about. God is the great mathematician, and he makes no mistakes. God bless all. CML

  16. I am so blessed to be in a society where we have the freedom to praise our Lord! Debbie

  17. Charlotte, Ginger, your post was/is a wonderful idea, and seems to be a blessing to many. Thank you.

    The film clip "The Bridge" has been around but I think it is worth showing again and again.

  18. Charlotte, Ginger, your post was/is a wonderful idea, and seems to be a blessing to many. Thank you.

    The film clip "The Bridge" has been around but I think it is worth showing again and again.

  19. I didn't see the linky for this week, but I did get my post up! :) I might not be able to get back here to post my link until tomorrow afternoon. (I'll be back as soon as possible...)

    Happy Spiritual Sunday everyone!

  20. I add to this link now and have a prayer list you can link into also. ((HUGS)) to ALL! <3

  21. OOPS! I meant to leave the link for the prayer list... it is attached to my post for this, though. Just in case:

  22. thanks for the heads up about the miracle party. Will head over and read Colette's story. And again guys...thanks for hosting these S.S. I really love them...

  23. I love visiting here. I hope everyone will come visit me. I need to get back into the loop. I have missed many posts due to phamily circumstances. But as long as I know you and have your prayers I know everything will work in His own time.
    Happy Sunday to all! Anne

  24. Ginger,sorry that I have not been by lately,the last threee weeks have benn a living hell.

  25. Okay...I'm all linked up and ready to go :) :) My post is super simple today...In fact, I'm thinking about keeping it that way ever Sunday..not sure yet!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  26. Ginger & Charlotte, I know I've posted already, but this came up today & I had to post at #59. My heart is absolutely breaking. Thanks ~ Merana

  27. Hi Charlotte and Ginger, I am new this week, what a beautiful subject and posts..thank you for hosting! Stop by and visit if you get a chance!


  28. Blessings to you and all the bloggers who visit. May G-d be glorified

  29. Thank you, Charlotte and Ginger. Pink Saturday is going to be participating in Colette's Miracle Party, too.

    We'll be sharing inspirational posts Saturday, August 28.

  30. Hi Charlotte and Ginger,

    I will be posting about Kelee's Miracle Party celebrating Colette's journey on my blog and would like to link to your Spiritual Sundays blog. Is there anythig special I need to do to link?

    Thank you for everything you ladies have done on your blog to praise God.

    Blessings, Erin

  31. I just found your blog after reading about Colette, Kalee and Guidepost. What a blessing it is that you hosts such a wonderful link as Spiritual Sundays.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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