You alone are the Lord.
You made the skies and the heavens and all the stars.
You made the earth and the seas and everything in them.
You preserve them all, and the angels of heaven worship you. ~Nehemiah 9:6

Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome To Spiritual Suday

I just noticed that this is our 102nd post, this is so exciting. I feel that you are all such a big part of my life. If you are new to this blog and would like to read more about how it works you can go HERE and it will explain what this blog is about. Each week we get a few new people who share their hearts with us, we hope that you will continue to do so. As more and more people are linking up with us it may take longer to read every one's post. Well let me rephrase that it may take me longer to read them all Charlotte is much better at this than I am, thank-you Charlotte. I do get to every one's post but it may take me up until Sunday night or Monday morning to read them all. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.
Spiritual Sundays Participants
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4. rcubes
5. Sandi
6. Charlotte
7. Loren
8. Cathy
9. micey
10. Rev. Sonja
11. Debbie @The Way We Are
12. Janet @ Wildflower Thinking
13. Joan @ Reflections
14. Clif
15. Renee
16. Sandy
17. Lisa
19. cindy
20. Peggy
21. Ginger
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24. Myra
25. Georgia @ Living by Design
26. Marsha
27. Yoli ~ Apron Senorita
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31. kymber
32. Mari Larkin
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37. Sally
38. Sarah
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41. Diva Kreszl
42. Jeanne,backyard neighbor
43. Mike Golch
44. Tammy
45. Gayle {Abundant Gifts}
46. karen
47. bp
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49. Rons Road 2 Recovery (2)
50. Mary's Tea Cottage
51. Denise
52. Crystal @ In The Wings
53. LeAnn @ See Great Things
54. Anne
55. Shirley
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57. Donetta at a Life Uncommon
58. Loveleng

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  1. Thank you ladies for starting this site. It is uplifting each weekend. I feel that I have made online friends.

    Bless You

  2. Blessings Ginger (and Charlotte)...
    Congratulations this is such a blessing each weekend and a wonderful group! Thanks for hosting and blessing us with your time and love.

    I have a post scheduled for Sunday to link up but some may enjoy my Saturday post as well. It's with a very special children's choir...

    It's a day only lively.
    Trying to make up for the heaviness
    of last week. I'm sorry Ginger, I'm like you at a loss for words when expressing sorrow but you did fine and still visited rather than run away. Bless your weekend! I think we are glad whenever anyone visits!

  3. Yes, I agree its a challenge to read all the posts. It takes days! But what a blessing it is.
    Have a great week!

  4. God bless you all and thank you sisters Charlotte and Ginger for hosting this special, warm place.

  5. Love that picture, Ginger. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. used this same photo.I called the posting God Smiled.

  7. What a wonderful pic! Schedule my post again this week. We will be driving to tennessee within the hour. Going to spread some of daddys ashes in the smokey mountains....would ask for prayer this week. I know it will be hard but I pray healing as well!

    Thank you ladies for this blog! It blesses me so very post and to read others posts!
    Love to you both!

  8. oops I meant to say I scheduled my post :)It will be up by 5 am :)

  9. I look forward to Spiritual Sundays each week. God bless you ladies.

  10. Thank you ladies for this beautiful place sharing God's grace and goodness. It has been a place of enocouragement and growth for me and I am so thankful I came across it!

  11. Spiritual Sunday sisters and Clif...
    Ron and any other brothers...
    I was so blessed by so many of you who came and lifted my spirit last week! Difficult to share...difficult to read... difficult to comment but you did and I appreciate your love & words! May my link today lift you as you lifted me! Thanks!

  12. God is smiling in the sky!!!!

  13. I love that chapel in Sedona. It is such a peaceful, spiritual place. Thanks for hosting Spiritual Sundays.

  14. Thank you ladies for hosting. =) Off to church but I will be on later to catch up with more posts!

    =) Lily

  15. Love the smiley face birds! Wishing all of you a blessed Sunday, I hope to take some time after church to read all the posts!

  16. Good morning! I posted a blog this morning ( Sunday march 14th, onto my blogsite at .. I don't know much about the permalink stuff, so I need help to know if I will be included.. I did type in my name/url thing.. just don't know what it means to do the rest..
    Looking forward to reading all the posts today, from my reclining chair! I have pneumonia right now, so worship time for me, is in my chair! And thankful my Jesus meets with me here, still in my jammies!
    Blessings to you gals!

  17. I love that photo! Thanks for this site and hosting.

  18. I'm not a participant this weekend, but always enjoy visiting those who gather here. Hubby and I have been in beautiful Arizona since the first week of March. We're in Williams, currently. Taking a train to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Haven't seen it in winter. Looking forward to glimpsing God's magnificent handiwork.

  19. Blessings to you ladies, and everyone who visits your blog each week. Thank you for the encouraging words and blessings received.

  20. Great Blessing to me and to all...Its a lot of wonderful things to live on...

  21. Thanks for hosting and blessing us with your time and love.
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