The Kingdom of Good

We knew it was coming, the keepers of the truth. We were entrusted but we had no proof. We doubted ourselves and some crumbled under the burden of truth.

But a few of us learned to accept our knowing. We found others and inspired them to do the same. No longer bound by individual desires but in a fearless oneness.

We created an army not through weapons of control, but through love & light. And waited for window in which the new world would arrive. We knew it was here. There was both chaos and stillness.

They thought they could not lose, but they were blind to the way in which the rules of the world had changed. We had transcended fear and become encircled by love. The light had fully awoken to its power. Finally darkness learnt to fear the light and it retreated. And so the new world arrived.

💛 Happy Easter Everyone 💛

I hope you liked my poem, Maria x

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