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New request from Anne:
Prayers please! Our daughter Rebekah was backed into by an out of state car (with witnesses Praise God)! He totaled the front end of her lil ole car. She is ok and we are grateful to God but please pray as she is in training for her new job still.
Pray for Janelle. She was scheduled for a C-section due to having a cyst/tumor on her ovaries. Last night she went into labor so must deliver baby before taking out the cyst/tumor. Please pray, she was only dilated to two!
We are getting wicked weather. Hail predicted and the sky is dark and ominous.
Tonight is Nick's last night at work at Domino's here. Tomorrow he will get ready for his new journey at the Kansas Wesleyans. Pray for us as we take him to Salina Saturday and return home Sunday.
2 Corinthians 1:11 You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many
 “Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man is powerful on his knees.” ~ Corrie ten Boom
Thank you
Hugs, Anne

A new request from Pratheep: 7/15/14

Please pray for me to completely forget and forgive people who wronged me for money.
Please Pray that I will get peace in every part of my life and that I will concentrate on my aim to become a good scientist.
Please pray that I will mentally and physically be able, to get myself registered for  PhD programme in my dream place.
Please pray for the financial problems to end and to live in everlasting peace.
Please pray for the people who misused my kindness to come and  apologize, It is too hard to forgive them when they don't ask for it.
Please pray that everyone who is praying for me to be blessed richly with their family
Thank you

With Hope 
Pratheep Kumar

So good to get reports of answered prayer. Here's one I received today (5/7/14):
I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. It is raining in my town and all over my state  for the last three days. I thank you for that. The last three months had been too hot. with no rainfall lakes and water dams were dried up. Animals and birds suffered a lot. Now they are enjoying this rain. peoples especially farmers are happy. Thank you again for your prayers.Kindly keep me in your prayers to concentrate well on my research. pray for me to receive good stipend and funds for my research.
With Hope
N. Pratheep Kumar M.Sc (Phy), M.Sc (Nano Tech), M.Phil (Nano Tech), DCA, DI

New requests from Anne: (3/20/14)
Rebekah, our middle daughter as she prepares for her phone interview which could lead to a permanent position at her job.
Pray for Nick as he prepares to return to school Sunday afternoon. Also when he returns after graduation he will need surgery on his leg and suffers from Osteo just like his mama.
Pray for my hubby Avery as he prepares for dental surgery. He will be under anesthesia and will need 4-6 days recovery time has both the teeth they will deal with are on the left side and he will suffer sever swelling and pain. That is April 3.
Please pray for me to get a good PhD position with good stipend soon,
to become a good scientist with good grade,
to concentrate only on studies and research,
to forget the troubling thoughts from the past.
Thank you
with your prayer help I have completed my pre-doctoral degree in flying colors.
Thank you
With Hope,
Pratheep Kumar,

A new request from Anne (3/14/14) just received a call from my hubby. His co worker Kat from Fin Ser at his office lost her four month old baby to SIDS last night. Please pray. Also please pray for Jennifer waiting for a second cornea transplant.

Please pray for Dave. He made a bad choice a few months ago that will probably impact the rest of his life. He is very despondent. Pray that God will either change his circumstances or give him peace and courage to face the days and years ahead as well as draw him nearer to God.

Beth sent me an e-mail with an update on her husband Tom's condition. You can see the original request below.  Here is the update:  Grateful to God am I that Tom celebrated his 67th birthday last week. His diabetic health remains a continuing concern. Tom's journey to a kidney transplant stalled when a routine blood test indicated the possibility of prostate cancer. Mercifully, following three months of medication and a biopsy, Tom is cancer-free (he will be monitored for an enlarged prostate). Now he is back on the transplant track, this week undergoing a day of cardiac testing at with a consultation to follow. God has touched our son's heart; he will be tested as a living donor for his father.
Again, thank you, Charlotte and Spiritual Sunday followers, for your prayers. Please know that we remember you in our prayers. I believe with all my heart that all things are working together for Tom's highest good.

Please pray for Anita. She was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and found out she has actually had it for over a year which makes treatment more difficult.

A Request from Dorothy: Would ask prayer please for both my sons, one is going through a divorce after 12yrs. of marriage which he didn't want and the other one is having financial difficulties. They are both Christians, altho the younger one isn't real spiritual at this time, the other one is trying his best to walk with my LORD and Savior, but going through this divorce and at this time having custody is quite difficult for him. I sincerely thank everyone deeply. Dorothy

A Request from Anne:  I am asking for prayer for my daughter Noelle! When she took her job nearly two years ago she was wanting to move up into a better paying position She took the state test and became an agent for the ins. co. where she works. Her numbers have been so low and with the tough economy she can't get the sales she needs to keep the job. She is on a written warning and if she can not pull in the business she will lose her job come December. I ask that you all pray for her and pass this request on to someone else to pray too. Thank you all for being prayer warriors and thank you for always adding my requests to your prayers. - Anne

Request from Beth: My prayer request is for my husband (Tom) of 42 years. For many years Tom has been a diabetic and has managed his health successfully with medication and now insulin. For the last year his kidney function has deteriorated. The doctors have prescribed dialysis as a bridge to a kidney transplant. The transplantation team has told us that a living donor (possibly a family member) is the best choice; however only one of our two adult sons is a candidate (reluctant would best describe his attitude). l pray that God will change our son's heart. I pray that God will guide our family each step on this path. I am asking God for a miracle.

Please pray for Mary. She was admitted to the hospital with some sort of infection in her face and lymph nodes. Please pray for her. This request was made by her sister.

I received the following request from Derek. Please pray for his marriage.
"My wife wants a divorce. After affairs, drug and alcohol abuse I don't blame her. Trust has been broken, hope seems lost. We have a four year old, we still laugh and talk together, but are separated. The overwhelming and stomach wrenching constant sorrow destroys me. May God heal her, may she find forgiveness for me and fulfillment in God. May God heal this Marriage bringing it to new heights to reflect his glory. Please pray fervently fellow Christian, I beg you.
thank you,
Another request: Hello and Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ,
My name is James and I need prayer for my health, I’m a type one diabetic and now have complications from this disease, my kidneys are shutting down, I’ve lost my right eye to it as well, it’s a burden I’ve had since 1976 and I feel if I don’t get help soon, its going to be my end.
Thanks for your time.

A request via e-mail: Husband, Steve, has been sick for a while. Diabetes, high blood pressure, itching (unexplained source) and infections. Please pray for his healing and that God will ignite a passion for Him. Also pray for healing of our family relationships.

Pray for Mike who has a rare cancer surrounding his lower spine. He is facing a very invasive surgery.
  • Let's continue to pray for Charlie Grady who Kelee Katillac calls "Our little hero." He is still battling cancer.
  • Pray for baby Keegan who was diagnosed with brain cancer at 7 ½ month old. Find out more about it at Beth and Ryan’s blog – “Karing for Keegan”.
  • Shirley of Faith Family and Friends shared on her blog that her husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He is receiving treatment at a Cancer Center. Pray for this family.
  • For Colletta who struggles with depression and anxiety.
  • Pray for Shirley and her sister who had polio as children. As they are getting older they are again experiencing complications. Pray that Shirley's sister will come to Christ ~
  • Renee~ she has pain all over because of Lyme Disease, please pray that the medication will help her with this pain~
  • Colette~for her to recover 100% from her cancer~
“A song of ascents. I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2 NIV