Followers of Spiritual Sundays


Here are a few suggested guidelines for linking your blog on Spiritual Sundays. 

Who can link? Anyone who wants to post a spiritual/inspirational post on their blog and wants to share it with others.

Who should NOT link? If you are not sharing a spiritual/inspirational post on your blog, but you just want to read what others have shared by clicking on the different links, please do not enter a link to your blog. We would, however, love for you to leave a comment to let us know you were here. You are welcome to come here any time and click on any of the links.

How do I do it? At the bottom of the list of links you will find Click here to enter. Obviously you click on that and when you do you will find a form like this one.

Just fill in the boxes and click on Enter your ink. It might be well to click on your link after it is posted to make sure it works. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll help fix it. There is an audio help there that you can listen to.

What to put in the first box:  We prefer you put just your name and/or name of your blog.

Second box: It is pretty self explanatory. It is best to enter the address with the extension for the post you are sharing instead of just linking it to your blog. That way if someone comes and clicks on your link later in the day or week, and you have posted other things since your Spiritual Sundays post, it will not be hard to find the one they are looking for.

Example: The url for Spiritual Sundays is:

This is an extended address (or permalink)

How to find that extended address: Click on the title of the post you want to share. When you do you will go to that particular post. You won't see your previous post on your computer. Just a place to make comments. Now look up in the address window at the top of your screen and see the http://thingy there. This is called a permalink. Copy that url and paste it on the place where it says Link: in the Linky entry box.
I highly recommend copying and pasting this because if you try to just type the whole thing out it is very hard to keep from making mistakes, and it has to be precise or the link will not go where you want it to.
Be sure to click Enter your link... after you fill in the information. 

I hope this information has not confused you. Let us know if we can answer any questions.

A big thank you to all who share with us on this blog. Without you this blog would not be successful.