I am love and I am everywhere

I am love, I am endless, I am eternal.

I do not want for anything or require anything in return.

I am fearless; I do not give up or despair.

I cannot be lost, for I am entirely unconditional. I have forgiven you, before the need to be forgiven, for I cannot judge.

For conflict, I do not care. Yet under fire, I am without care. I am the stillness and silence within.

I am bliss, when you are discontented.

I am as patient, as I am eternal. Without time, without limit.

I will never leave, for that is impossible, as I am everywhere. I am all you need, without need.

I am the peace within and the calm without.

I am the bird song.

I am the echo of an angel’s wings, fluttering through the wind.

I am the gentle caress of raindrops upon the ground.

I am the falling of a leaf, nourishing all that’s beneath, eventually propelling new life from the earth, up unto the sun, all things becoming one.

I am love and I am everywhere.