Without Within (Lost at Sea)

I was a child lost at sea, because they couldn’t see me.

I was a child dead inside, they suffocated me alive.

They ignored my screams, ignored my plea. But soon they would see, they had underestimated me.

So with pure belief I worked, I knew I was more. I did everything to prove that I was less than, well, worthless.

I climbed trees with fins and swam oceans with tied hands. Until I began to understand.

I could not fill the cup.

So I examined it closely, is it cracked I thought? Or is it getting bigger? I looked closer still.

Was the cup was an illusion, I was unwittingly proving?

And then I saw more. And more. And more.

The cup was full with air and I am right there!

I AM the cup.

I AM the water.

I AM the air.

And now. I AM everything, everywhere.

I never needed more, I just needed to see, that everything is a reflection of me.