For the last 12 months, the universe has been guiding me to paint. For instance people would ask “you told me you painted didn’t you” – I did not.

So i finally acknowledged the synchronicity and ordered some acrylic paints and paint brushes from Amazon.

I encourage you to do the same because painting is healing for the soul, it’s a sort of meditation and it allows your subconscious to have it’s own voice.

Actually all creativity allows us to heal and grow. One lesson we should learn from children is the importance of play, never let life distract you from that – it’s your birthright.

Don’t worry if you are not “good” at painting, “good” is an opinion, a construct. We shouldn’t only do things we think we a good at. Actually there is more to learn from things we are not good at.

Painting is a process, a journey into the soul. It’s like going on a country drive, it doesn’t matter where you are going, but what you see along the way.

Maria X