Incredible Synchronicity, Miracles & Magic

“The universe truly works in miraculous ways, when you pursue your destined path with pure heart and abandon.”

It seems fitting that my first post should celebrate the incredible guidance and synchronicity that led to this blog being called Spiritual Sundays.

I knew that my authentic self was calling. I felt invisible and unheard. I often got flashes of blue when I meditated – the colour of the throat chakra – I needed to find my voice. I had taken baby steps towards vocalising my truest self and with the final push of apocalyptic doom I knew I had to step up to my spiritual path.

I had a sense that my purpose in life was to write. I wrote poetry since I was in my early teens; actually this got me through some of the worst times in my life. But this was always a private affair, I never shared this part of myself with others, I couldn’t make myself vulnerable like that. I had more than a few blocks when I came to voicing myself. Firstly, I am dyslexic, so I grew up having my written work torn to shreds. Secondly many negative relationships and experiences had left me feeling like my opinions, emotions and perception were invalid. What if I was invalidated again? Could my ego sustain another blow? Of course now I realise that validation comes from within & that we should welcome anything that challenges our ego, as it’s key to growth. 

The final block came from wanting hide from the world; protect my inner child and my authentic self. I learnt early in life by not revealing my full self, I was somewhat protected. Others could only hurt the mask, the fake me, the ego-fabricated wall of impenetrability, which kept me safe but at the same time entirely isolated. Sort of how we are all feeling now I guess. By the time I broke down that wall, I forgot who I was, lost myself completely.

“Never start believing, you are who you pretend to be”

Let’s forward track to the ways in which the Universe/God/Mother Earth helped me on my journey of setting up this website.

I made the decision to write a blog. I set the intention. I prayed and meditated asking out loud “What should I call this new venture?” Instantly the name ‘Spiritual Sundays’ popped into my head. This name didn’t feel like my idea, I had an instant distaste for it. I had formed negative associations between the word Sunday, going to church and thus organised Religion. To me Religion is a private matter, and I had a natural distrust for all establishments and organisations including religious ones. I recognised however that this response had come from fear. My spiritual journey thus so far had taught me to relinquish fear, the need for control and live in faith and so I did.

I searched for the domain and found a holding page from the domain registrar, complete with spammy ads.  Even though the website had been removed, I managed to find the snippet of the last post, from just a week earlier. In that post, Charlotte (the owner of the blog) offered the domain to her readers as she intended to remove the website. The domain had only just expired, after being in Charlotte’s ownership for more than 6 years. As I worked in online marketing, I knew that finding a good domain without a hefty fee was pretty miraculous, and the fact that it had just expired could only be divine timing.

I contacted Charlotte and we shared Facebook profiles. Charlotte pointed out that she felt our spiritual views were very different, making me feel like we hit a roadblock. Charlotte is an Evangelistic Christian, which from my understanding is fairly strict and traditional in approach. Whilst I am sort of a mishmash of; liberalism, modern spiritually and laissez faire Christianity. But honestly, I didn’t see much distinction between my own and Charlotte’s beliefs, to me much of the differences where a matter of constructs rather than core belief system.

After all Love is Love.

So with complete faith I replied to Charlotte with my truth and low and behold, we found common ground & connection.

Here’s the really magical part. The logo on Charlotte’s blog depicted two robins. This may not seem relevant, but for some weeks in the lead up to creating the blog, I had been visited by a robin. Every morning she would sit on a wall opposite my kitchen window and stare at me until I noticed her. As soon as she caught my gaze, she would fly away.

Robins have significant meaning across many religious and spiritual movements. In Christianity the Robins Red chest symbolises the blood of Christ, which in turn symbolises rebirth. Universally in spirituality, the Robin symbolises: transformation, growth, renewal, passion, change, and power.  How very relevant to this leap of faith I was taking!

So here’s the really good part . . . I set up the blog on Mother’s Day in England, (the 22nd March). On this day my robin returned with another robin and starting work on building a nest in my garden, less than a metre from where I sit to eat each evening. Two robins had appeared in my life, just like on Charlotte’s logo on her blog & on Mothering Sunday as if mother earth herself was with me. I truly felt blessed at this moment & certain I was on the right path.

Charlotte’s Logo

4 thoughts on “Incredible Synchronicity, Miracles & Magic

  1. Hi Maria,
    I still believe there are quite a few differences in our view of God, but I’m glad you were able to start this blog. I hope it helps many find their way to the true God of the universe, and His son, Jesus. Of course I believe in the Trinity which means Jesus if God in the sense that He is part of that Trinity. I know you are searching and have been searching for the truth for a very long time. The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.
    Blessings as you share your pathway.

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