Herbal & Spiritual Remedies for Covid-19.

I’m not a qualified herbalist, but I have a special interest in the medicinal properties of food, herbs and spirituality. So, when I got symptoms of Covid-19, this was what I turned to.

You should consult a qualified herbalist or homeopath before taking these. If you take existing medication or have an existing medical condition, make sure you get a doctors advice as to avoid any negative interactions. Not all herbs are good for all people. Be particularly careful with children and look up each herbs safety for their age. This is particular true of high potency oils & tinctures. Tea form is less potent so generally much safer.

If your symptoms get out of hand and you can’t maintain your normal activities you should seek medical attention.

Spiritual Practices


Your best defense in almost every situation is spirituality. The mind and body are invariably linked. Stress lowers your immune system, so almost anything you can do to keep your mental and spiritual state healthy will protect your physical body. If you already regularly meditate or pray, it’s a great time to make sure it’s a regular part of your daily routine.  Below is my favorite healing mediation (it’s probably a little long for any beginners), but I’ll do a follow up post with my favorite meditations & meditation apps suitable for all abilities.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing has a tremendous ability to heal & regulate the body. As Covid-19 reduces lung capacity, it is paramount that you try to counteract this. There are so many great YouTube videos to guide you through this process. Just search “abdominal breathing techniques” or “breathing meditations” and see what takes your fancy! My personal favorite is the Wim Hof Method (download his app for free.) The method encompasses, holding your breath for a period of time. You’re also encouraged to take a cold shower each morning to further boost your immune system. It’s not as hard as it sounds!

Since writing this blog the NHS also released a video with their own breathing technique. You can see this here. Thank you Siobhan Emmo (Spiritual Guide) for sending this to me.


Covid-19 has been shown to reduce lung capacity. Exercise is proven to improve your immune system and increase lung capacity. So it’s a must as a form of defense against the Covid-19. It’s important to stay at home as much as possible at this time, especially if you live in a city like me. But if you really must go out, a brisk walk allows you to increase your heart rate, be present (look at the beauty of the trees, seriously!) whilst also paying attention enough to engage in social distancing. Why not try going barefoot & fully connecting with nature. Earthing has amazing health benefits. There are also countless activities you can do indoors to exercise. I have started an online Yoga course, but even just dancing around to your favorite music is amazingly good for your body and spirit. Movement helps remove negative energy, so just allow your body to do what it feels like doing.

Herbs & Healing Foods

Hyssop Mentioned in the bible countless times. Hyssop is traditionally used for cough; it is proven to help tracheal smooth muscle constriction, and airway remodeling in asthma. You can take this in herb form, as a teas, essential oil or tincture. Do not consume pure oil product because it has caused seizures in some people. Hyssop is not suitable for children.

Elderflower – Proven to cut the flu length by 4 days in clinical trials trials. I take this in a tea mix.

Marshmallow – Soothes inflamed respiratory membranes. (Marshmallow can stop the absorption of other medications particularly. It shouldn’t be used in addition to diabetes medication as they have a compounding effect)

Turmeric –  Put in a diffuser or bring to boil in a pot & inhale the steam. Turmeric is a proven anti-inflammatory.

Honey – Preferably Raw, Manuka 30+

Black Cumin – This herb is a key medicinal herb in the Quran, along with honey, olives, prunes & beetroot. There is a whole magical story to how I was guided to this amazing spice, but I’ll spare you that. Because I of how I made aware of this spice, I just trust it is of benefit – That’s my spirituality kicking in!

Garlic – Raw garlic has always been my go to for colds and flu. I find its best cut into manageable slices, drenched with olive oil and swallowed. Try to swallow a clove each night before bed, don’t worry about the smell, your not going anywhere anytime soon.

Anas Barbariae – This is a homeopathic medicine that is proven to reduce the chance of developing a respiratory tract infection in flu cases. The most popular version retails under the brand name Oscillococcinum, unfortunately it is very popular and hard to source at the moment. However the active ingredient Anas Barbariae can be sourced directly from homeopathic pharmacies.

Burdock Root – Burdock root can help detoxify your blood, lymphatic system and skin. It decreases inflammation, and helps to relieve coughs, sore throats.

NAC – One of the ways in which Covid-19 creates breathing difficulties is by forming hard mucus in the lungs. This was confirmed to me when my partner started coughing up these hard deposits up. I instantly included NAC in our supplement routine as it’s proven to breakdown mucus.

Zinc & Vitamin C – Preferably get this through food sources. I have a smoothly each morning that’s loaded with berries, and Zinc containing seeds & nuts, like pumpkin seeds. If you choose to used supplements, a high quality food based one is always best.

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