Global Peace Meditation 4th / 5th April

Anyone who believes in the mass power of positive energy / meditation / pray. Please check out this upcoming group meditation. Whatever your belief system, I think so much can be achieved if we align our hearts in positive intent. I know meditation may be not something everyone reading this has done before, but for me it’s been the most powerful pathway to God. I have seen so many miracles in my own life as a result of combining pray & meditation.

If you have never meditated and want to get involved. Just find a quiet place and pray for good to thrive in the world. Intent is the key.

The aim is to get enough of us with good hearts to focus on seeing positive change in the world at a specific time.

If you not comfortable with the concept of God, just think of it as the bringing together of energy.

If you are not comfortable with astrological aspects/timing, just trust that all the universe is God, including the stars and planets.

Lets come together, regardless of our belief systems, with the power of love & light.

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